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Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal
Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal
Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal

The wool of a black sheep

is just as warm.

Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal
Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal
Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal
Black Sheep - Cinematic Videos Wedding Film Portugal


Who I am

Hello, I'm Gabriel, a graduate in Cinema, and passionate about telling stories through the lens of my camera.

In addition to my love for cinema, I also like traveling, exploring new horizons, and absorbing different inspirations. Music is a constant in my life, and being with my family is my source of balance and joy.

I'm a laid-back person, but when it comes to my work, I'm focused and dedicated to creating films that narrate each couple's unique story in a captivating and emotional way.

I can't wait to get to know your story and turn it into a memorable film!




What we do

Because a wedding is a celebration of love, Black Sheep's films prioritize emotion, and storytelling is our core concept.

Visually, we have a cinematic, careful style, and we like to think we have good taste. We create elegant, emotional, and timeless films. All our films are unique and crafted specifically for each couple.

Our presence on the day is relaxed, and we don't use elaborate setups. We are drawn to smiles, tears, and natural light.

A black sheep doesn't follow the herd. It stands out.

Walk the Road

"I wouldn´t do it anywhere else or with anyone else because...

I only know how to love you."

Improbability and Fairy Tales

A girl born in Portugal meets a boy who was born in Siberia. They find something in common and love is born.

It's unlikely.

Raw Materials

"Rock is dug up from the earth, metal is liquified in a furnace at a thousand degrees, cooled and painstakingly polished. 

Love is the process of making something beatiful where there was nothing at all."

What happens in Vegas

“Love is a universal language and it knows no boundaries. It transcends time and place and has brought us all together here today, to witness the union of two incredible souls.

I’m glad that what happens in Vegas, doesn´t always stay in Vegas.”

Forever and Always

"When I was younger, my grandma would always ask me what kind of woman I wanted to find when I was older.

Today, I'm marrying that very woman that I used to describe to my grandma when I was a child."

My Home

"I want to grow and see you grow. I want to grab our future full of dreams and hope.


I want a life with you because wherever life takes us, you are my home."


S&R,  England

" Thank you so much for the videos! They are beyond what we could ever have imagined! You truly captured the love and emotion we felt on our wedding day.

We have already watched the wedding film multiple times and with each view we are more in love."


" I want to send you my special appreciation from the bottom of my heart!

Never doubt your talent! In this special film made for us, attention to detail is brilliant and spectacular. The way you guys have put your thought into this film is one of a kind. I am absolutely mesmerized by the result of this marvelous work!"

R&K,  Dubai

" Thank you very much for your talented work, dedication, time, and professionalism.


Both the teaser and the full film are amazing!

I also want to express my appreciation for your subtle presence throughout the entire day."

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