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Walk the Road

"I wouldn´t do it anywhere else or with anyone else because...

I only know how to love you."

Improbabilidades e Contos de Fada

Uma menina que nasce em Portugal encontra um rapaz que nasceu na Sibéria. Encontram algo em comum e nasce um amor.

É improvável.

Raw Materials

"Rock is dug up from the earth, metal is liquified in a furnace at a thousand degrees, cooled and painstakingly polished. 

Love is the process of making something beatiful where there was nothing at all."

A Minha Casa

"Quero crescer e ver-te crescer. Quero agarrar o nosso futuro cheio de sonhos e esperança.


Quero uma vida contigo porque, para onde quer que a vida nos sopre, tu és a minha casa."

Forever and Always

"When I was younger, my grandma would always ask me what kind of woman I wanted to find when I was older.

Today, I'm marrying that very woman that I used to describe to my grandma when I was a child."

Sunset Sonnet

"Não te quero senão porque te quero

E de querer-te a não querer-te chego

E de esperar-te quando não te espero

Passa o meu coração do frio ao fogo."

What happens in Vegas

“Love is a universal language and it knows no boundaries. It transcends time and place and has brought us all together here today, to witness the union of two incredible souls.

I’m glad that what happens in Vegas, doesn´t always stay in Vegas.”

The wool of a black sheep is just as warm.

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